No More Hail Marys: How To Throw The Perfect Football Parties

No More Hail Marys: How To Throw The Perfect Football Parties

The best football parties have food, drinks, atmosphere, and of course, the game. While you cannot control whether or not your team winds up winning, you can certainly ensure that your party offers the best of everything else.


A great party starts with the ambiance. A football party should be all about the game, so get creative. Use team colors and logos to decorate. This can be as simple as using colorful tablecloths or balloons. If you want to create a more festive area, add streamers and posters with team logos. You can also choose disposable dishes in team colors, and can even assemble some easy goody bags for the guests to take home! 


When it comes to football, even a bad game can be saved with good food. Opt for finger foods where possible. No one wants to sit down at a table with a fork and knife when the game is on. 

Snack type foods are always a good choice. You can make these football themed, too. Serve sliders on football shaped plates or fill a bowl with M&Ms in team colors. Chicken wings are always a hit and can be made in a variety of flavors. Chips and salsa are also one of our favorites. Find out ahead of time if anyone is vegetarian or has special dietary needs so you can accommodate them.


Beer is usually the drink of choice for a football party, so stock up and make sure you have plenty of ice. A cooler or two of ice with some beers stuck into it will allow guests to grab a drink without leaving the viewing area.

For special celebrations, consider making up some Jell-O shots ahead of time. These can be done in team colors and brought out whenever a touchdown is scored. 

Creating the perfect football party is all about the details. Plan ahead and make sure you have extra of everything. Then relax and enjoy the game.

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