Nuts for Nutella: Our Favorite Nutella Recipes

Nuts for Nutella: Our Favorite Nutella Recipes

Lately, I’ve been having Nutella in the evenings. Isn’t it one of the best food items ever invented? It definitely gives salsa a run for its money for best condiment ever, I tell you what. Guess what? You can do a whole lot more with it than just spreading it on a piece of toast. Here are some of the recipes that I use when I need a Nutella fix but want to do more than smear it on some toast!


The Sandwich- I think this one deserves the title of THE before it, because it really is one of the end-all, be-all sandwiches ever. If I didn't have any regard for my health, I'd totally eat these every day. 

No-Bake Nutella Pretzel Bites- Anything with no-bake in the title has me sold. These pretzel bites are a wonderful combination of crunchy and smooth, sweet and salty. They’re also great to put into clear bags and hand out as party favors at your next gathering!

Nutella Puppy Chow- Puppy chow alone is delicious enough, but why didn’t I think of adding Nutella myself?! This is absolutely delicious and perfect for an energy-packed snack for the kids. 

Nutella Banana Bread- Again, another winning combo here. Banana bread is fantastic on its own, but add some Nutella to the mix and the party has started. Well… as much party as a loaf of bread can really start. Actually, this won’t start any party, but it’s absolutely delicious!

4 Ingredient Nutella Cookies- Four ingredient is one of the terms right behind no-bake that I like. If I have to bake, I like something that has simple directions and basic ingredients. This does. Woo!

Nutella Ravioli- Yes, that’s correct. Yes, it’s delicious. Yes, it’s easy. Yes, it’s actually Nutella inside ravioli. Do I really have to keep going, or are you making it yet? Hello? Anyone there? Well… I guess you’re making it. 


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