Oh, Boy! Balsamic!

Oh, Boy! Balsamic!

There, finally a catchier title. Anyway, balsamic vinegar is one of the more mysterious condiments out there. Do you know what it's made of? It might surprise you! Keep reading for more, including a bunch of delicious balsamic-infused recipes!

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Here's the big secret: balsamic vinegar is made out of cooked white grape juice. Surprising, right? I don't particularly care for grapes, but I love Balsamic vinegar! Enough of the preview, let's get to the feature!

Balsamic-Glazed Filet: Pair steak with classic sides like mashed potatoes and steamed green beans. The menu comes together easily enough for a weeknight meal, but it's sophisticated enough to share with guests.

Balsamic Chicken and Bell Pepper Sandwiches: Balsamic vinegar cooks down to a glaze that clings to the sandwich fillings, adding a hint of sweetness and a touch of acidity. Pressing the sandwich after assembling it conducts the heat from the chicken and cooked vegetables to melt the cheese.

Balsamic Strawberries: Forget the sugar and try something new with those strawberries.

Balsamic Mushrooms: Try this great side the next time you entertain.

Balsamic Asparagus: This simple recipe is very elegant and enhanced by O Olive Oil port balsamic vinegar!

Balsamic Onions: This is a great side dish for pork chops.

Plum and Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops: Port wine, plum preserves, and balsamic vinegar combine for a sweet and savory pork chop glaze. Couscous and green beans complete the meal.

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