Our 10 Top-Rated Recipe Collections of All Time!

Our 10 Top-Rated Recipe Collections of All Time!

In celebration of Recipe4Living's 5th birthday, we've collected our 10 best-rated recipe collections of all time! If you missed out on any of our readers' favorites, you can catch-up today! Enjoy five years of favorite recipe collections from Recipe4Living!

11 Simple Salsa Recipes - Who doesn't love chips and salsa? Homemade salsa is even better, not to mention an easy, healthy snack! Enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and start snacking the smart way with these yummy salsa recipes, or even top off your favorite fish or chicken dinner with them.

Christmas Cookie Countdown - Recipe4Living believes it's never too early to start planning for Christmas - especially when it comes to Christmas cookies! So we've put together this countdown starting 6 months before Christmas and counting down all the way to December 25.

Top 10 Winter Soup Recipes - It's hard to narrow down our favorite winter soups to just 10 recipes! We could eat soup all winter long - it's the perfect one-pot meal. Soup can be filling and also budget-friendly since it can last for weeks, or months in the freezer.

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Stuffing Recipes - As one of the crucial elements of the Thanksgiving table, stuffing recipes are abundant on Recipe4Living. Here's a list of our favorite stuffing recipes that we love best!

100+ Christmas Cookie Recipes - Looking for the best database of cookie recipes to start your holiday baking? Look no further! Here is Recipe4Living's collection of more than 100 cookie recipes to suit all tastes, cravings and levels of expertise.

57 Halloween Recipes - Whether you're throwing a spooky, scary party for adults or you're looking for some creepy edibles for kids, Recipe4Living has got everything you need. Our Halloween recipes have everything from edible eyeballs to witch's brew punch!

Top 10 Spaghetti Recipes - The classic Italian pasta: spaghetti. It's versatile, easy and always a crowd pleaser. Here are Recipe4Living's best spaghetti recipes: baked, boiled, sauced and served!

A Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Feast - Just because the economy is in a slump doesn't mean you have to skip out on your favorites this Thanksgiving! Recipe4Living has compiled a menu full of Thanksgiving recipes that all use less than 10 ingredients!

Top 10 Banana Cake Recipes - What's even better than moist banana bread? Moist banana CAKE! Whether you're craving the straight up banana flavored goodness or you want a unique twist, these top 10 banana cake recipes have all your bases covered!

The 25 Best Crockpot Recipes Countdown - Whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall, we know your crockpot can do more than collect dust! At Recipe4Living, we're counting down our 25 most popular crockpot recipes so that you can make use of your slow cooker in the most popular crock pot season of them all: winter!

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