Our 13 Favorite July Cakes

Our 13 Favorite July Cakes

We've been posting a lot of great dessert recipes this summer, but this month, we're drawing attention to our favorite cakes.

1) Anything that is delicious AND easy has my vote. This Peach Dump Cake is so simple.

2) I love drink-inspired desserts, and this Mango Margarita Cupcake is perfect.

3) Love jello? Love cake? Well, then click here.

4) Chocolate and vanilla go together like, uhm, vanilla and chocolate!

5) This layered lemon cream cake isn't an exact copy, but is reminiscent of Olive Garden's cake.

6) Using perfectly tropical summer fruits, this banana cake with coconut is awesome.

7) What's life without a little –or a lot– of butter? Paula Deen knows what's up.

8) This dense, moist Irish apple cake is so good.

9) Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert, and we couldn't pass it up here.

10) This Blackberry Jam Cake would be a perfect brunch sweet.

11) I love mini-cupcakes because I can eat twelve without the visual of an entire cake being gone. These zesty orange cakes are the best.

12) I wouldn't normally turn for a cake with a vegetable in it; however, this traditional carrot cake is spicy and sweet!

13) To finish my list, I've got to give you a cheesecake recipe, as it's my favorite, second only to chocolate.

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