Our 15 Favorite St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Our 15 Favorite St. Patrick's Day Recipes

St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning! Whether you plan to go the traditional route or surprise your guests with something out-of-the-ordinary, these are our 15 favorite recipes for this fun Irish holiday.

Cabbage Soup- This is a great way to incorporate this favorite Irish vegetable into your meal.

Irish Potato Casserole- It's quick, easy, and the whole family will enjoy it.

Margaret Mulligan’s Irish Soda Bread- This soda bread is incredibly moist and oh so tasty!

Corned Beef and Cabbage with Horseradish Sauce: A dish that provides a bit of a twist on the original recipe by adding a special sauce.

Liam’s Green Bread- This spinach-stuffed bread will not only be a hit with your family, but it’s a great way to enjoy eating your vegetables!

Pot O’ Gold Mushrooms- A unique and delicious way to incorporate corned beef and cabbage into your meal.

St. Paddy’s Dill Dip- This dip is perfect with green vegetables!

St. Patrick’s Day Green Cake- End your evening with this a cake that looks like it came straight from the emerald isle. 

Irish Melon Salad- A hint of mint makes this fruit salad extra Irish.

Irish Coffee- After dessert, sit back and enjoy a hot cup of this indulgent drink.

Irish Golden Ham- Sick of corned beef?  Try this sweet and crunchy alternative.

Corned Beef on Rice- By cooking Spain’s version of corned beef, you can add some spice to your party.   

Furr’s Light Green Jello Salad- Another green treat for you to eat!  People of all ages will love this one. 

Corned Beef and Slaw Sandwich- What better to do with your leftovers than make this scrumptious sandwich?

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