Our Easiest Italian Dessert Recipes and Tips!

Our Easiest Italian Dessert Recipes and Tips!

Are you the kind of person who revels in the thought of cheese cake or tiramisu? If so, this list of delightful and authentic Italian dessert recipes is for you!

Italian Dessert Recipes

Italian Cheese Cake - The taste of this cheese cake is rich. This recipe is very authentic!

Simple is Good Tiramisu - This tiramisu is very simple and easy to make! Make it in a casserole dish. All it takes is angel food cake and a few more ingredients.

Italian Cannoli - It's hard to get this classic Italian dessert right on the first try. This recipe gives you the step by step!

Chocolate-Dipped Orange Biscotti - You don't have to dip them in chocolate, but you really should!

Italian Cream Cake - A very rich dessert for anytime. You will really enjoy this cake.

Italian Dessert Crepes - These yummy cheese and chocolate crepes are best served with fruit preserves.

Chocolate Nutella Ravioli - Try ravioli for dessert with this sweet treat!

Italian Love Knots (Taralli) - These buttery, sugar cookies can be shaped into pretty knots or bows for that special touch.

Tiramisu Parfait - Mix some sweet together to make a tiramisu type dessert parfait style.

Italian Nut Ball Dessert - Buttery dough rolls are rolled in almonds and pecans and topped with strawberry preserves.


Italian Dessert Tips

Nutella, Wikipedia.org Nutella is the brand-name of a chocolate and hazelnut spread created in the 1940s by Ferrero (best known for their Ferrero Rocher sweets, which are filled with Nutella). It is used for sandwiches among other things.

In Italy, Nutella has become a cultural and social phenomenon: many books have been written on it, and it is the core of a celebrated scene in the movie Bianca, by the Italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti, in which the actor/director relieves his post-coital anxieties by eating from a gigantic jar of chocolate spread.

It is also very popular in all Europe and in Australia, less so in the United States, where the product was only available as an expensive import until the 1990s. In the United States, basketball star Kobe Bryant was a former spokesman for Nutella having grown up in Italy.

The ingredients listed here are from the US packaging. Listed by decreasing weight: sugar, peanut oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, reduced minerals whey, partially hydrogenated peanut oil, soy lecithin, vanillin.

Salted vs. Unsalted Butter

Most professional chefs like to use unsalted butter because it is one way of controlling the salt content of a dish. When baking, many recipes for desserts and other sweet items do not call for salt —hence, unsalted butter is the only way of being sure that nothing goes into the recipe other than what is called for.

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