Our Favorite 10 Christmas Recipes

Our Favorite 10 Christmas Recipes

Recipe4Living has hundreds of Christmas recipes for you to browse and find exactly what you're looking for. But list has the best of the best - all in one tidy list. These are our absolute favorite ways to celebrate the holidays!

1. Church Windows - I love Christmas time, not because of the presents, but because that's when mom made Christmas candy and cookies. As I grew older I helped her and this past year was the best as my nieces helped out.

2. Exquisite Eggnog - What Christmas party would be complete without eggnog? Make this recipe with or without the alcohol depending on your guests.

3. Fast 'N Fabulous Fruitcake - Don't show up to Christmas dinner empty handed. Spread your good cheer with this easy fruitcake.

4. Sugar Plum Cookies - Let these sugar plum cookies dance in your mouth. They are very moist and delicious, they're not like your usual Christmas cookie!

5. Christmas Goose with Raisin Stuffing - Your family will love this special recipe for the holidays.

6. Jingle Balls - This recipe makes about 120 chocolate covered jingle balls. A batch this large is perfect to give as gifts to all your friends. If you want to make these just for yourself, cut this recipe in half or into thirds.

7. Reindeer Punch - This yummy strawberry/grenadine juice may to blame for turning Rudolph's nose red.

8. Christmas Tree Bread - This is the perfect bread recipe to make come Christmas time. Not only will the adult family members find this cute but the kids will love it!

9. Bacon-Wrapped Chestnuts - Not exactly chestnuts roasting on an open fire... but it's a lot more tasty!

10. Traditional Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce - A classic recipe that never goes out of style.


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