Our Favorite Crockpot Desserts

Apple pie

Did you know you can make deliciously sweet desserts in your crockpot? It's true! Just follow one of these simple recipes to make some of the simplest desserts you've ever seen. They're our favorites!

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Crock Pot Peach Cobbler- Let the smell of cinnamon and brown sugar peaches fill your home as these slow cook. This is so good served with a scoop of ice cream or with a side of mixed berries. On a cold winter day, have a hot chocolate along side it, it'll warm you up in no time!

Crockpot Apple Butter- You can even make apple butter in your crock pot! It's so simple and goes perfectly with a cup of coffee on a slice of cinnamon bread. This is the perfect idea for a light dessert at your next dinner party!

Lava Cake- Lava cake is one of the most indulgent desserts ever created. It's decadent, gooey, and absolutely delicious. Plus, this recipe can be made in the crockpot so it's even easier than before!

Banana Bread- This crock pot banana bread recipe is so delicious and moist, you won't believe it was so easy to make. This goes great with a nice hot cup of tea and some sweet cream butter. It's the perfect way to start or end to your busy day. 

Crockpot Apple Pie- This is the definition of lazy dessert making. This recipe takes America's favorite apple pie, spices it up, and tosses it all into a crockpot. Serve with a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream and a drizzle of caramel syrup to take this to the next level and make it look like you spent more energy on it. How easy is this?

Crockpot Pumpkin Bread- Use this bread as the base for your next holiday stuffing as an added zing. The warm flavors of this dish lend themselves to the sweetness of the pumpkin. Enjoy!

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