Our Favorite Food Tricks and Pranks for April Fool's Day

Our Favorite Food Tricks and Pranks for April Fool's Day

Doesn't everyone have someone in their life that they'd love to fool on a holiday like this one? Read on to see some of our favorite food pranks.

Mix two different but very similar candies in a bowl. What kind of face would you make if you threw both M&Ms and Skittles into your mouth at once?

Make Jello in drink glasses. Put in a straw and watch when family is confused why they can't drink it!

Add food coloring to your food the night before. Watch your kids' eyes open wide when the milk is green, eggs are blue, and/or the sugar cookies are purple.

Put salt in the sugar bowl. Someone will have a very interesting breakfast of Rice Krispies and salt.

Put mashed potatoes scooped with an ice cream spoon and gravy into a sundae cup so that everyone thinks it's ice cream.

Make dirt desserts. Let your kids believe it's soil and worms when in actuality it's crushed oreos, pudding, and your favorite gummy treats.

Walnut Surprise: Carefully and discretely crack a walnut and remove the inside. Then, stuff it with odd trinkets or candies and superglue it back together.

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