Our Favorite Spanish Recipes!

Our Favorite Spanish Recipes!

From paella to sangria, Spanish cuisine offers a lot to be proud of. Here are our favorite Spanish recipes, we recommend you try them out!

Our 15 Favorite Spanish Recipes

Albondigas (Spanish Meatballs) - These easy little meatballs pack big flavor, make a lot, and freeze them, they make every meal special.

Spanish Chicken Soup - This is a hearty, family-pleasing soup, that is very easy and quick to make.

Easy Gazpacho - Jam-packed with vegetables and a hard-boiled egg for good measure

Spanish-Style Fried Eggs - Bell peppers and tomatoes spice up ordinary eggs in the morning.

Spanish Chops - If you are looking to try something new with your pork chops then this is the recipe for you. Add some tomato sauce with some sweet pickled relish and freshly chopped onions.

Classic Paella - This traditionally Spanish dish consists of rice, lots of seafood, spicy chorizo sausage and of course, saffron for that unique coloring.

Arroz con Pollo - This Spanish chicken and rice recipe is very authentic!

Spanish Chicken and Rice Casserole - Chicken and brown rice bake together with tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and green peas.

Spanish Steak - Seasoned tomatoes and onions flavor this pan-fried steak

Quick Spanish Rice - I found cooking rice, beans, couscous or vegetables in different medium than water made for more flavorful cooking. This version of Spanish rice has served hundreds without complaint.

Patatas Bravas - Forget that boring side and make a truly interesting potato dish with red chili pepper and plum tomatoes.

Tocinillos de Cielo - Spanish Dessert - A rich caramel custard is best served with meringues.

Churros (Spanish Doughnuts) - These cinnamon-sugar doughnuts are fried crispy.

Spanish Coffee - Since Tia Maria is a coffee liqueur, this one is double dose of flavor.

Sangria - Who says you have to wait until the 5th of May just to serve sangria? Break this out at your next gathering for a big hit!

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