Our New Favorite (Vegetarian) Cookbook

Our New Favorite (Vegetarian) Cookbook

According to our editor Dan Kamys, one of the hardest parts of making a transition to a plant-based diet is having to completely rethink the focal point of the meal. Before, it went without thinking that meat would be incorporated into the dishes. Dan's not one to rely on cookbooks, but now he had to. He claims to have found the go-to book for anyone who is considering switching to a vegetarian diet. Keep reading for more about the book.

Last week I had a mini-breakdown when thinking about how I was going to continue to enjoy the food I was eating if it wasn't going to include meat. I'd made meals that I had in my repertoire already: a tofu stir fry, some hearty bean chilis, and a couple of pasta dishes. I’d also made sure to order vegetable pizzas and stir fries from my local delivery places, but that got old quickly. Then I was done, I had completely run out of ideas. I kicked myself for not planning this out better, and turned to a cookbook. Boy, did I pick the right one to turn to. 

Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love should be in every veggie-converts kitchen. There's nothing bizarre about these recipes, they're family style dishes that omit meat. For whatever reason you're doing it, and author Sarah Matheny definitely has hers, these recipes are easy to follow and delicious. 

Even if you in no way plan on shifting to a plant based diet, this is a great cookbook to have if you want to try cooking without meat or having a lighter meal once in a while. Plus, I like the way the book is written. I’m not a parent and I’m shifting my diet as more of an experiment than a statement, but something about the way Sarah writes makes you relate to her. It’s almost as though the book is written as though you’re her good friend and she’s just sharing recipes with you. 

Trust me, I get a lot of cookbooks to look at, but this one in particular is definitely one I’d actually buy. It doesn’t attack meat-producers, it doesn’t go on some ideological rampage, and it doesn’t make any arguments. It just shares some funny stories and good recipes. Damned good recipes, if I say so myself. 





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