Our Tastiest Healthy Recipes

Our Tastiest Healthy Recipes

This year, why don’t we all try to make a legitimate attempt at sticking to our New Year’s resolution to lose weight with some healthy recipes? Here at Recipe4Living, we’re doing our best to stay in shape. Try some of our favorites below and use them to help you stick to your fitness resolution!

Healthy Recipes For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can be hard to stick to your fitness resolution with the traditional staples like eggs, bacon, and lots of bread. Try following some of these great ideas in order to slim down while still starting your day off right!

Diabetic Friendly Maple Oatmeal-  Plain oatmeal is bland and tasteless. Use sugar-free syrup to spice up this breakfast staple.

Egg-White Breakfast Pizza- This healthier breakfast pizza will definitely cut some cholesterol without compromising taste!

Strawberry Orange Banana Smoothie-  Try this smoothie for a healthy, instant breakfast.

Healthy Haystack Breakfast Cookies-  This is a good way to sneak fiber into your family's diet, and it also makes a great "eat on the go "breakfast. So yummy that no one will suspect it's packed with fiber!

Healthy Recipes For Lunch

Lunch is one of the easiest times to fall off of the resolution wagon. Whether it’s a pizza lunch, some unhealthy microwaved meals,  or a salad loaded with fat-filled dressing, don’t fall into the trap! Follow our favorite dishes below to stay fit!

Mediterranean Asparagus and Bean Salad-  Give this dish a try for a quick side with your dinner. Have it as a healthy salad for lunch the next day.

Turkey Tortilla Rollups- This healthy lunch option can be made in 5 minutes!

Turkey, Cranberry, and Walnut Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches-  These are the perfect sandwiches for a light lunch or a teatime snack!

Salmon Burgers With Yogurt-Dill Sauce- This is one of the tastiest, healthy recipes and a great alternative to a beef burger! We love to serve these on whole-wheat buns with some low-fat mozzarella sprinkled right on the top!

Healthy Recipes For Dinner

At dinner, it’s tough to want to eat healthy after a long day of work. Try out some of these recipes and see that it is possible to whip up a quick, easy, and healthy meal for yourself after a long day of work. After all, you deserve it!

Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers-  This twist on the traditional stuffed pepper recipe lightens things up and adds some salty feta for a real change on the classic. It's great for those of us trying to eat healthy in the new year!

Five Alarm Tofu-  This spicy tofu dish, known officially as Ma-Po Tofu, is a dish that originates from the Szechwan province of China. This dish is hot! Make sure to serve it with some steamed rice or noodles.

Penne With Shrimp and Asparagus-  This 10 minute dinner is super simple and healthy, too!

Vegetable Paella- This low-fat dinner option is a staple in many Spanish kitchens. Try it out today and lighten up your next meal! It’ll keep your family healthy and happy!


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