Our Top 10 Cole Slaw Recipes

Our Top 10 Cole Slaw Recipes

The perfect picnic food, coleslaw is easy to throw together, pack up, and take with you. It tastes great on its own, as a side dish, or even in a sandwich! Here are the ten most delicious variations on an old favorite.

Thai Cole Slaw: If you dig the sweet/sour/spicy flavor combinations of Thai food, you'll love this tasty twist on cole slaw.

KFC Cole Slaw: This simple recipe perfectly replicates the slaw at the fast food chain. Great for any barbecue or large gathering.

Spicy Cole Slaw: More interesting, more flavorful, and far less fat-laden than traditional coleslaw.

Confetti Cole Slaw: This is a great way to add extra nutrition, flavor, and eye appeal to a store bought coleslaw.

Sicilian Strawberry Slaw: This authentic recipe provides a great twist to the ordinary coleslaw!

Island Sweet Potato Slaw: Shredded sweet potatoes and fresh pineapple marry together to form the basis for this refreshing slaw. The dressing includes fresh ginger and a little jalapeno pepper for an added kick. The combination of sweet, savory and some crunch from the toasted coconut and macadamia nuts will let you know right away that this is no ordinary coleslaw.

Zesty Cole Slaw: A tangier version of a summer favorite, with some healthy substitutions.

Apple Raisin Cole Slaw: This is just sweet enough without being too sweet!  People always ask what’s in it- they can never guess that apples are the secret ingredients.

Carolina Cole Slaw: Sweet pickle relish gives this cole slaw a Southern taste. 

Chinese Cole Slaw: A tasty Chinese cole slaw for a summer picnic. Everybody loves this recipe, it goes quickly!

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