Our Top 10 Easter Recipes for Kids

Our Top 10 Easter Recipes for Kids

One of the joys of Easter is spending time with your family, and the children of the family always liven up any get-together! Include the little ones in the festivities by letting them help with the cooking and baking! These Easter recipes for kids are easy to make and include plenty of opportunities for them to help out. Try these Easter recipes for kids this year!

Sweet Easter Chicks: A cookie and coconut  mixture is used to make the chicks, and other candy pieces are used to make the beak, eyes, and crown.
Rice Krispie Eggs: A perfect Easter treat with peanut butter  and lots of sugar!

Jelly-Bean Studded Meringue Nests: These sweet, almond nests are the perfect bowls for a sorbet or ice cream  treat this Easter.
Honey Bunnies: This is an adorable recipe to make for Easter. It's more bread-like than cookie, so it keeps the sweetness low. Kids will love putting the bunnies together and then taking them apart.

Easter Egg Candy: This is a sweet way to liven up your Easter dessert. Try these homemade candies!

Cherry-Nut Easter Eggs: These homemade eggs are filled with vanilla pudding , cherries and nuts!
Bunny Patch Cake: Pound cake, pie filling  and lots of decorations make this an adorable Easter dessert.

Fruity Pastel Cookies: A perfect cookie recipe  to make for Easter. It is easy and delicious.
Marshmallow Peeps Cupcakes: These festive cupcakes have coconut , Peeps and jelly beans for a sweet Easter treat.
Cherry Bird’s Nest Cookies: These cookies are fun to bake, and fun to look at! They're great for Easter or any other holiday.
How They Can Help:
When you’re making these Easter recipes for kids, give the little ones some easy tasks so they can feel helpful.  Here are some things they can do to help you out:

-Crack eggs
-Stir ingredients together
-Cut shapes with cookie cutters
-Add decorations (sprinkles, chocolate chips, frosting)
-Measure ingredients
-Pour ingredients into a bowl

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