Our Top 10 Fried Chicken Recipes

Our Top 10 Fried Chicken Recipes

If you thought fried chicken was just buttermilk, flour, chicken, and oil, you couldn’t be more wrong! There are tons of different variations on fried chicken. Give your chicken an ethnic twist with our fried Tuscan chicken and Mexican fried chicken, bake it in the oven to cut calories, or make it with lemonade concentrate for a unique flavor! No matter how you like your fried chicken, you’re bound to find a new favorite in this collection!

Chicken-Fried Chicken with Creamy Gravy: This is essentially Texas-style chicken fried steak, but it is made with chicken breasts. Be sure to make this with cream gravy.

Fried Chicken: For the best fried chicken, the secret is biscuit mix, Italian seasoning, and onion soup mix.

Fried Tuscan Chicken: This is the Italian way to make fried chicken.

Oven-Fried Chicken: Using a homemade coating mix, this baked chicken is incredibly flavorful.

Batter Fried Chicken Chunks: Everyone loves fried chicken. Try this easy way to make it.

Mexican Fried Chicken: Chili seasoning gives this fried chicken a kick.

Lemonade Fried Chicken
: This clever recipe creates crispy chicken with a delicious lemon flavor.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken: When you're craving that home-style fried chicken and KFC just isn't going to cut it, try this delicious recipe that will bring you home again.

Southern Fried Chicken: A cut-up chicken dredged in buttermilk and seasoned flour, then deep fried to perfection.
Popeye’s Famous Fried Chicken Recipe: This Southern fried chicken recipe duplicates Popeye's Famous Fried Chicken using white pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, flour, and egg-dipped chicken. A lot of people in the South consider Popeye's Fried Chicken the very best fried chicken that there is. Now you can make your own delicious fried chicken at home with this great fried chicken recipe that tastes just like Popeye's.

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