Our Top 10 Layered Dips!

Our Top 10 Layered Dips!

A summer gathering is never complete without some tasty appetizers. Here at Recipe4Living, we love making layered dips to get the party started! Full of flavor and fun, these dips are as easy to make as they are to eat!

8 Layer Dip: Blue cheese dressing makes this common dip really stand out.

Layered Mexicali Dip: Serve this filling dip with sturdy tortillas chips for any gathering.

7 Layer Taco Dip: Yep, this dip really is 7 whole layers of yummy goodness!
Layered Taco Bean Dip: Enjoy the outdoors; don't spend your time cooking. This great taco dip is quick and easy to make.
5-Layer Mediterranean Dip: This easy dip features a flavorful combination of hummus, feta cheese, olives, tomato, and cucumber.
Layered Taco Crab Dip: Adding crab to this taco dip really spices things up!
Eight Layered Greek Dip: This is my go-to make-ahead recipe when I want an impressive knockout appetizer. Move over Mexican - this Mediterranean inspired dip will be your new party favorite-it is mine. Serve with pita chips.

Life-Changing Taco Dip: I served this at a party and people would not stop talking about it!
Quick-Layered Pesto Spread: Pick your favorite cracker of bread and slather this spread on thick.
Nine Layer Mexican Dip: Excellent dish for party or any meal as an appetizer. Chilling day before enhances the flavor. If you prefer more spice, use hotter picante sauce, depending on your preference.
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