Our Top 10 Skinny Sandwiches

Our Top 10 Skinny Sandwiches

As your children head back to school, you’re back to packing lunches. Instead of letting your kids munch on fattening cafeteria food every day, why not pack them some healthy sandwiches that taste good, too? Don’t forget to bring your favorites to work with you!

Lemon Pepper Tuna Sandwich: Try this zesty, low-fat sandwich for your work lunchbox!

California Turkey Wrap: Avocado, sweetened with lime juice, is layered with fresh smoked turkey, tomato, and red onion. Make sure you use reduced-fat or fat-free Ranch dressing!
Chunky Chicken Peanut Wrap: This is a fun sandwich that'll shake up your daily routine. And making it as a roll-up saves you the carbs.

Turkey Cranberry Avocado Sandwich: Make this your go-to sandwich at lunchtime! It combines creamy and sweet flavors to make one yummy (and healthy) lunch.

Farmer’s Market Veggie Wrapwich: This is a great low carb and low fat lunch that will keep you full for the rest of the day. Tons of vegetables packed into a tortilla provide you with nutritious goodness.

Mrs. Dash Greek Wraps: These wraps are packed with a lemon flavor and are perfect for someone who wants to eat on the lighter side.

Tuscan Tuna and Grilled Vegetable Wraps
: These gourmet wraps are full of flavor, and healthy too! The high protein tuna and low carb tortillas make this a perfect meal on or off a diet.

Mediterranean Turkey on Whole Grain Bread: If you’re on a low-calorie diet but still want to eat interesting food, try this Mediterranean turkey sandwich for lunch!

Tasty Low-Carb Turkey Fajita Wrap: This is a great recipe for anyone who is watching their weight. Serve for lunch or dinner.

Egg Salad Sandwich: Easy to make egg salad that’s perfect on whole-wheat bread.

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