Our Top 10 Swiss Steak Recipes

Our Top 10 Swiss Steak Recipes

Swiss steak is a comforting meal that your whole family will enjoy! Serve it with some mashed potatoes and biscuits, and you’ve got yourself a down-home dinner that’s full of flavor. Here are our top 10 Swiss steak recipes for you to sample!

1. Super Swiss Steak: This elegant dish is a flavorful way to serve meat with veggies and a tomato-based sauce.

2. Crockpot Swiss Steak: I have shared this recipe with many over the years. It is so easy to make and I consider it a comfort food for our family. It can be varied to your taste and it will still turn out the same each time.
3. Country Swiss Steak: This tasty beef and sausage dish can be made on the stove, in the oven, or in a slow cooker for your convenience.
4. Swiss Steak Southwestern Style: Tasty, cheesy, steak with a yummy sauce!
5. Saucy Swiss Steak: A thick and tasty vegetable, tomato sauce tops off these pan-fried steaks.

6. Crockpot Easy Swiss Steak: This easy recipe produces deliciously tender steak.

7. Salsa Swiss Steak: This unconventional steak dish cooks first in the skillet, then in the crockpot for extra-tender pieces.
8. Harvest Swiss Steak: This is my mother's recipe. She baked it in the oven at home when I was little but I make use of a crockpot. You can use cubed beef steak or tenderized round steak.
9. Delois Swiss Steak: This is an easy beef recipe that you can make in the crockpot. Perfect for dinner tonight!
10. Slow Cooked Swiss Steak Café: This delicious steak dish is cooked in an unexpected blend of coffee, soy sauce , and more.

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