Our Top 8 Ham Recipes

rolled ham

'Tis the season to eat ham. It's simple, delicious, and just takes a few inexpensive ingredients to prepare in a delicious way. So why not treat yourself and your family to one of these easy and tasty meals tonight!

Ham Quiche- This is a delicious quiche using shredded jack or swiss cheese and ham. Make this for a light lunch or for dinner with you family.

Ham With Noodles- Ham and noodles, can you go wrong? This is a very quick, easy, and delicious recipe that you'll cook in no time flat. 

Ham and Beans- It's like what the cowboys used to eat in the Wild West! It's simple, delicious, and smoky flavor will have you saying yee-haw to this recipe!

Ham Risotto- Risotto with ham? You bet. Plus, it's easy and tastes like a million bucks. Whip this up for your family tonight and they'll be thanking you for a long time. 

Ham Frittata-  This is quick and easy. It's not only nice to have for breakfast but it can be mixed together the night before & baked in morning. Also good to have for a brunch with a side of maple oatmeal.

Ham Carbonara- The colorful veggies in this pasta dish will brighten any evening. The sauce is light, but feels rich and comforting! Take a little trip to Italy with this dish!

Ham Chowder- Hey, it rhymes with clam chowder, so it tastes just as good! Plus, if you have anyone with a shellfish allergy, you can let them still have the chowda' experience!

Ham Rolls- What a simple and delicious holiday appetizer. Use pre-cooked pork or leftovers from your own roast to create a beautifully simple taster for your next event!

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