Pea and Ham Soup Recipe

Pea and Ham Soup Recipe

There’s no better recipe than a classic pea and ham soup recipe. The creaminess of the peas perfectly complements the salty flavor of the ham, and the soup makes a perfect lunch or dinner dish. If you’re looking for a great pea and ham soup recipe, we have 5 that will knock your socks off!

Our Top Pea and Ham Soup Recipe
Pea and Ham Soup Recipe: A more complex tasting version, sweetened with a little sugar and lemon.

Easy Pea and Ham Soup Recipes
Need an easy pea and ham soup recipe?  We have 2 for you to choose from!

Easy Split Pea and Ham Soup: The classic favorite, flavored with a ham bone or ham shanks.
Old Fashioned Split Pea and Ham Soup: Sometimes you just want the classics, like this split pea soup Mom used to make.

Thick Pea and Ham Soup Recipes
Nobody wants their pea and ham soup recipe to be thin and runny.  Try these thick pea and ham soups instead!

Irish Fresh Pea Soup
: With mint, parsley, and a little bacon, this soup is a flavorful mix, compliments of the Emerald Isle.
Side Splitting Split Pea and Ham Soup: Whenever there is a party and a spiral ham is served my family demands I make this soup. I freeze individual portions with leftovers so that anyone can have some any time they like. Do not add pasta to portions you are going to freeze.

Tips for Making the Very Best Pea and Ham Soup Recipe

Thickening Soup:

-Use oatmeal to make your soup thicker. It will add flavor and richness to almost any soup.
- Another way to thicken your soup, take some of the cooked vegetables out of the soup and puree in the blender. Then return to the original soup mixture.

Reheating Soup:
-Use a double boiler. The hot water in the bottom part of the boiler does the trick with no burned or boiled over soup.

General Soup-Making Tips:
- Soups and stews should only simmer (never boil) when cooking.
- Refrigerate cooked stews and soups overnight before serving. The fat will rise to the top and you can skim it off before heating and serving.
- In a hurry to skim the fat from the soup? An ice cube floated in the soup will help to congeal the fat and make it easier to remove.
- A leaf of lettuce dropped in a pot of soup absorb the grease from the top.
- Freeze the liquids from canned mushrooms or vegetables; use it in soups or stews later.
- To remove excessive salt from soup, drop in a sliced raw potato.

Soup Stock:
-When boiling meat for soup stock, make large quantities and freeze some in pint containers. When frozen, remove and wrap in freezer paper and keep on hand for future use.

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