Perfecting Brunch: How To Throw an Easy and Elegant Brunch

Perfecting Brunch: How To Throw an Easy and Elegant Brunch

Let's discuss the art of perfecting brunch: how to throw an easy and elegant brunch without burning a hole in your wallet. Organizing a successful brunch - just like any venture -- takes planning. Planning your menu, seating arrangements, and drinks in advance is the first step to throwing the perfect brunch.

Planning your menu

You don't have to serve the most expensive foods to have a great brunch menu.  However, your menu should include some appetizers, a savory dish or two, a main course, salads, fruit, and a dessert.  Plan the quantity of each according to the number of guests you have invited.  Some tasty appetizers include: cheese cubes on toothpicks with olives and pineapple, chips and salsa, and traditional biscuits.  Savory dishes you could serve are: bacon, cold meats, quiche, or Spanish omelets. 

For the main course, you could serve roast chicken, ham, as well as pancakes or waffles.  You can find dozens of great recipes for brunch main courses on  Of course, whole fruits such as grapes, strawberries, and apples are always appropriate for a brunch.  Finally, a delicious dessert will ensure your guests will leave completely satisfied.

Where to throw your brunch

On a pleasant sunny day, there is nowhere better to throw a brunch than outdoors in your garden or in a nearby park.  Alternately, if the weather is either too hot or cold for an outdoor brunch, you could host it in your living or dining room.  Be sure to have plenty of seats available for your guests and enough space around the buffet tables for your guests to move freely. 

Stocking the bar

No brunch is complete without a delectable variety of cocktails, mock-tails, and juice.  Setting up a table where guests can make their own drinks is easy and it will free you from having to serve each guest individually.  Just be sure to stock the bar with enough juice, ice, and liquor for the range of drinks you wish to serve.  Some drinks that are good for a brunch include: Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and Bloody Marys. Finally, and most importantly, when the food is out and the tables are set, don't forget to grab a drink and enjoy the perfect brunch you have prepared!

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