Perfecting the Parfait

Perfecting the Parfait

If you are looking for an excuse to host the next family or community get-together, try suggesting a celebration of the parfait. Whether during the hot and humid days of summer or at an indoor beach party in cold winter months, everybody will appreciate such a unique and tasty reason for a celebration. Search the Internet for memorable ideas for perfecting the parfait party.

The Parfait Tradition
For centuries, chefs have prepared finely textured frozen desserts by mixing sweetened meringue with whipped cream, embellishing it with a variety of flavorings. The mixture has been called a parfait, which in French literally means "perfect". Whatever language is used, it is the right name for such a simple, elegant and delicious dessert.

In the United States, there is a variation on the traditional French approach. The American parfait layers parfait ice cream and flavored gelatin with a whipped cream topping, various fruit or even liqueurs, all served in an elegant, tall, clear glass. For the calorie conscious, parfaits can be made by using yogurt layered with fruit and granola.

Recipe Ideas
Online recipe sites such as offer tantalizing ideas for preparing perfect parfaits. Here are just a few mouth-watering suggestions:
• A lemon peach combination is simple to prepare
• A light peach parfait can be enhanced with a double dose of amaretto
• Strawberry pudding parfaits evoke childhood comfort
• Dazzle guests with an elegant apricot and crystallized ginger concoction
• For chocolate lovers, add a peachy chocolate mousse
• For something unique, prepare a peach and mascarpone parfait

Some parfaits are simple to create, so even the kids can help prepare for the party. If you serve a variety in small glasses set out as a parfait buffet, everybody will be able to try two or three of them. Host a party dedicated to perfecting the parfait, and guests will be praising your dessert making skills for months to come.

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