Pickle Pandemonium: 13 Refrigerator Pickle Recipes

Pickle Pandemonium: 13 Refrigerator Pickle Recipes

Refrigerator pickles are one of our favorite foods because they're easy to make and they usually extend a food shelf's life! We have 13 quick recipes on how to jar these scrumptious pickles.

1. Homemade Pickled Jalapenos - If you have more daring taste buds, make a jar of these spicy jalapenos. 

2. Deli-Style Pickles - Recreate a classic deli recipe! 

3. Pickled Vegetables - Preserve your vegetables with this quick pickled recipe.

4. Pickled Sugar Snap Peas - Your snap peas would taste even better with sugar, white wine vinegar, chile pepper, garlic and tarragon. 

5. Marian's Sweet Pickles - Here is a quick and easy recipe to sweeten up a pickle jar! 

6. Pickled Green Beans - Vegetables always taste best after they've been pickled.

7. Olive Oil Pickles - Dip your pickles in olive oil before sealing them in a jar.

8. Pickled Garlic - You don't have to buy pickled garlic in the store when you can make your own.  

9. Sweet Watermelon Pickles - Leftover watermelon surprisingly tastes great in a jar of pickles! 

10. Pickled Carrots and Jalapenos - Most commonly served as appetizers in Mexican restaurants, you can put together this tasty mix or what the Spanish call "escabeche." 

11. Pickled Beets - Here's a Southern classic that is easy to prepare! 

12. Russ's Pickled Eggs - Bring these pickled eggs to a picnic! 

13. Sweet Pickled Peaches - Save these peaches for a delicious dessert dish. 

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