Plan An Extra Special Pool Party!

Plan An Extra Special Pool Party!

Summer weather begins to sizzle in July, leaving kids running in the sprinklers and begging their parents to take them to the pool. Why not join in on the fun and arrange a simply cool party in the pool!

If you have children or grandchildren who celebrate their birthdays in the summer, a pool party is an especially excellent way to get the kids moving. While they're swimming, you can begin to serve up some light courses for them to eat after they're finished swimming.

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Start things off light and easy just in case some of the guests want to eat before swimming!

Mango Salsa
Wonton Bruschetta
Pepperoni Puffs
Cucumber Dip

Main Courses
Set your main course out buffet style. Sandwiches and quesadillas are meals they can take on the go!

Grilled Lemon Chicken Kabobs
Russian Sandwiches
Baja Quesadillas
Curried Chicken Pita Pockets
Fish Tacos

Side Dishes

Pool Party Pasta Salad
Hearts of Palm Salad
Summer Potato Salad
Creamed Cole Slaw
Easy Vegetable Chow Mein

Summertime pies and ice cream will be a terrific way to cool off the swimmers once they get into the hot sun!

Fruit Whip Ice Cream
Strawberry Pies
Sweet Berry Dessert
Easy Breezy Summer Cake
Good Homemade Ice Cream

Stick to fruity ones without any alcohol!

Luscious Strawberry Smoothie (Non-Dairy)
Delicious Fruit Drink
Peach Citrus Smoothie
Cool Frappe
Pastel Summer Punch

Presentation Pointers:

  1. If you’re one of those people who collect plastic grocery bags, here is your time to use them. Distribute them to guests after they are done swimming. They can carry their wet things in them when they are ready to go home.
  2. Provide sunscreen for the swimmers. You don’t want anyone getting burnt, so make sure to remind any children you see swimming or walking around the pool.
  3. Organize a couple fun games, such as a water balloon toss. That’ll get everyone out of the pool, and give them sometime to chill out before pigging out.

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