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Holiday Table

Around the holidays, it’s easy to lose control of your time and your budget. Here are some practical suggestions for holiday mealtimes courtesy of Jane DeLaney from

  1. The main dish is the main thing. This is key! I found that finding and using main dish recipes that are simple, but good, propels the dinner process and eliminates unnecessary stress! Finding those kinds of recipes is not easy, but it is worth the hunt. My favorite recipes are the ones passed along by friends – practical, tried and true.

  2. Plan ahead for meals. Despite the business of the season, you should still take the time to plan your weekly meals and stick to your grocery list.  It is a great time of year to include crockpot recipes and plan ahead meals.

  3. Buying shortcut ingredients can be money well spent. The first goal is to make dinner happen as stress free as possible so that your time is spent focusing on family. If pre-chopped veggies are on sale, then by all means buy them and create time for more important things.

  4. Keep your focus on your loved ones. It is very easy to focus on all the necessary tasks and ignore the thing that should be our overriding focus – our families. Most of our tasks serve and support our families -- all the money we save, the coupons we clip, the meals we cook is done for them, because we love them. Be sure that message is communicated to your loved ones. Make it a special priority to spend time with family around the dinner table -- the big payoff is a lifetime of memories and the kind of connection with your children and loved ones that money cannot buy!

    Please visit our friends at eMeals for more information on family friendly meal planning with recipes in a wide range of eating styles.



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