Pumpkin Recipes, Tips and Videos

Pumpkin Recipes, Tips and Videos

It doesn’t have to be fall for you to try out your favorite pumpkin recipes. Of course you’re going to have to make one of your best pumpkin pie recipes, but there are so many other delicious pumpkin recipes out there. If you’re watching your weight, try one of our healthy pumpkin recipes or if you’re looking for something new try one of these pumpkin soup recipes!

Pumpkin Pie Recipes
The sweetest way to use a pumpkin is in a pumpkin pie recipe.

Pumpkin Pie with Dark Chocolate Frosting
Pumpkin Pie Delight
Pumpkin Pie Cake

Healthy Pumpkin Recipes
Skip the extra pounds and make one of these healthy pumpkin recipes.

Healthy Pumpkin Cranberry Bread
Pumpkin Bars
Pumpkin Cream of Wheat

Pumpkin Soup Recipes
Warm yourself up with these hearty pumpkin soup recipes.

Pumpkin Soup in a Goblet
Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Harvest Soup

Tips for Pumpkin Recipes

Making Pumpkin Pie - When making a pumpkin pie from scratch, use a Hubbard Squash. It looks like a great big gourd and has a bluish outer flesh. Inside is a very lush orange color and very little string and seed. You need to cut it into pieces and bake in the oven until soft. It really is excellent and makes the best pies.

Harvesting Pumpkins - When harvesting pumpkins the stems should be cut so you have a 4 or 5 inch stem if possible. Pumpkins without stems do not store well, so it's important to pick them up from the bottom not by the stem.

Pumpkins should be harvested when mature and the rind is hard, but before night temperatures fall below 40 degrees. Don't harvest when the pumpkins are wet or allow them to become wet after harvesting. Any of these things will cause them to rot more quickly. After harvesting, allow the pumpkins to "cure" if possible. This is where they sit for 10 days or so in a temperature around 80 degrees and a high humidity of 80%. This can sometimes be done in the field if it's warm enough, or near a furnace. The pumpkins will last longer if cured first.

Afterwards, store them at 50-55 degrees in a location where the humidity is about 50-70% such as a basement or a garage. Don't store the pumpkins near apples or allow them to sit directly on a concrete floor.

How to Roast a Pumpkin - You can only do this with a freshly carved pumpkin! Do not use on a pumpkin that has been carved and sitting out for several days. To bake a fresh 6-7 pound pumpkin, halve the pumpkin crosswise and scoop out the seeds and strings. Place halves, hollow side down, in a large baking pan covered with aluminum foil and add a little water. Bake uncovered at 375 degrees for 1 1/2-2 hours or until fork-tender. Remove. When cool, scrape pulp from shells and puree, a little at time, in food processor or blender. Mix with a little salt.

Pumpkin Puree
- To freeze pumpkin puree, put 1-2 cups in freezer bags along with spices and use in pies.

To use pumpkin puree for recipes, line a strainer with a double layer of cheesecloth or a flour sack dish towel and let the pumpkin sit to drain out the extra moisture before cooking with it. Pumpkin is very moist, so in order for your recipe to come out correctly, you must strain it.

Videos for Pumpkin Recipes
Great Pumpkin Recipes
Pumpkin Masala
Pumpkin Recipes

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