Quick & Easy Summer Recipes

Quick & Easy Summer Recipes

We here at Recipe4Living know it’s not fair for you to be cooped up in the kitchen preparing meals for your family while they are outside enjoying the weather. This is why we found the best quick & easy summer recipes so you can spend some quality time with your family outdoors.

Do you ever find yourself gazing out your kitchen window watching your family playing ball in the backyard and then you realize you are burning dinner? Let your daydreaming become reality. Below are some quick & easy recipes so that once meal time rolls around, it will be a matter of minutes to prepare and cook so you can join in on the fun you have been missing out on.

We have estimated the total time for preparing and cooking these quick & easy meals.

Meals that take under 10 minutes total:

Inside Out Pizzas– 5 Minutes

Pizza Bagels– 8 Minutes

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad- 10 minutes

Meals that take 15-20 minutes total:

Lasagna– 15 Minutes

Parmesan Toast Strips– 15 Minutes

Microwave Chicken Nuggets– 15 Minutes

American Classic Potato Salad– 15 Minutes

Quick Tomato Soup– 15 Minutes

15-Minute Chicken and Rice Dinner– 15 Minutes

Cheese And Meat Pie– 15 Minutes

Hamburger and Rice Dinner– 20 Minutes

Chili's Tortilla Crunch Chicken Fingers– 20 Minutes

Meals that take 25-30 minutes total:

Taco Pie– 25 Minutes

Cheater's Enchiladas– 30 Minutes

Cheeseburger Pie– 35 Minutes

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