Reader's Choice: The Fluffiest Homemade Bread Recipes

Reader's Choice: The Fluffiest Homemade Bread Recipes

You've spoken and Recipe4Living has listened! Our Facebook followers have requested a collection of our fluffiest homemade bread recipes, and so we present you with our favorites! From classics like zucchini and banana nut bread to more unique recipes like our blue cheese herb and Greek anise loaves, we've got all your favorite bread recipes covered!

Black Walnut Bread - This bread is a great snack or breakfast dish. The walnuts give it a nutty taste, and the cherries make it so sweet!

Blue Cheese Herb Loaf - This bread is absolutely scrumptious and is a great bread to serve at parties!

Cranberry Oat Bread - Try this hearty bread filled with amazing Decas dried cranberries, flavored like blueberries!

Multigrain Brown Bread - Get you daily dose of whole grains in this yummy bread!

Zucchini Bread - The walnuts and cinnamon really bring out the natural flavor of the zucchini.

Olive-Stuffed Bread - Love olives? Try this simple bread recipe that's bursting with flavor!

Banana Nut Bread - Try this excellent banana nut bread recipe during the winter or for a holiday celebration. It's so moist!

Greek Anise Loaf - This bread is fluffy and full of spice! Bake it when you're in the mood for something with a little more pizazz!

Bluberry Quick Bread - This bread is fluffy, moist and full of blueberries. You can serve this as dessert or for a fancy brunch.

Irish Country Soda Bread - A wonderful, old family recipe for Irish soda bread. This recipe requires no yeast and the batter is easy to make. Tastes good with everything.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread - I used the Trader Joe's mix for an easy, delicious bread. I'm sure you could use any pre-made mix.



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