Recipe4Living's Father's Day Gift Guide

Recipe4Living's Father's Day Gift Guide

For that special dad or father-figure in your life, spoil him with a great Father's Day gift. We have some special items that our editors have tried and tested, and we're here to tell you which gifts will truly make your guy the happiest. Keep reading to get all of our exclusive recommendations, and even some Father's Day grilling tips!

Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Electric Grill and the Brookstone Motorized Grill Brush with Steam Cleaning Power

When hosting a summer party a man needs a powerful grill to feed guests and serve as his podium. Guarantee the perfect steak or burger with the Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Electric Grill sold by Brookstone. It’s compact design allows plenty of cooking surface while enabling your man to grill anywhere, including locations where traditional gas or charcoal grills may not be permitted. Don’t forget easy cleanup with the Brookstone Motorized Grill Brush with Steam Cleaning Power.

We absolutely loved trying out this amazing grill! The most difficult part of the whole process is picking your favorite color grill - there are so many options. It's so easy to plug in and use. Assembling the grill once we got it took less than an hour, and it heats really quickly! Only 5 minutes of preheating was necessary. The grill has lots of space for cooking but isn't too big and bulky. We know every dad, regardless of grilling experience, will love this grill and use it all summer.

Grill Daddy 10-in-1 Grilling Gadget
This grill gadget is truly awesome. With interchangeable spatulas and flippers all attaching to one handle, you save storage space and cook efficiently. What's even better is that the long handle helps protect your hands from the flames. Check out this great gift on Amazon now! Any cook from novice to expert will love it!

Ruffino Riserva Ducale

Dad will love pairing this bold Ruffino Riserva Ducale with his grilled creations and roasted veggies. The flavor doesn't overpower your meal; it is the perfect accompanying wine.

Contigo Randolph AUTOSEAL® Handled Travel Mug
The vacuum-insulated technology keeps drinks hot for 4 hours and cold for up to 12 hours. This mug is a perfect gift for dads on the go who have a commute, or simply like to make coffee during the workday or at home. Active dads will love that this mug is spillproof and easy to clean. This is an affordable gift for any dad out there!

Appleton Estate Rum
The Appleton Estate has been handcrafting quality rums in Jamaica’s Nassau Valley since 1749. This rum conjures up feelings in anyone who drinks it, and even if you don’t have an experience with Jamaica, you can create one when you savor this quality rum. Dad will love its robust flavor on a relaxed weekend.

SPARQ Stones
These small rocks are made from recycled scrap soapstone and sustain the temperature of your drink without watering it down. Chill whiskey for Dad this Father's Day! The SPARQ reusable stones chill your liquor without diluting its taste. They were the perfect solution on a hot Summer day! The best part is the 2-in-1 aspect: the SPARQ Stones can also be heated for use in coffee and other hot beverages.

Do you know a dad who complains about having no counterspace because of all those gadgets? Replace them all with the NINJA Pulse! It can replace a food processor, stand mixer, blender and can handle everything from frozen blending and food processing to dough mixing and juicing.  We used it to make smoothies and boy, were we loving the even blending power, as well as all the settings. At $79.99, it's even a better deal than lots of those other appliances.

DEWAR’S 18-Year Old Scotch Whiskey
According to Dewar's. what makes this whiskey special is the unique aging process. In the double-aging process, an extra step taken to give DEWAR’S 18-Year Old its remarkable smoothness and depth of character. This extra step creates a smoother blend, with a long, lingering finish. We agreed - this whiskey is definitely something special, and is an affordable but very special gift for those on a budget!

Here's a great recipe to make with your Dewar's whiskey!

DEWAR’S® Hole In One
1 1/2 parts DEWAR’S® 18 Blended Scotch Whisky
1/2 part freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 part grapefruit juice
1/2 part simple syrup
1 part lemon-lime soda
Lemon and lime wedges

Pour all ingredients (except lemon-lime soda) into a mixing glass and fill with ice. Shake for 10 seconds and strain into a serving glass filled with fresh ice. Top with lemon-lime soda.
Garnish with a lemon and a lime wedge.

Lucid Absinthe
According to the brand, Lucid Absinthe is characterized by upfront flavors of anise and fennel, followed by mild mid-palate earthy textures attributable to the absinthe (Artemisia absinthium).  The herbs round out the flavor with additional spice and grassy notes, which linger in a moderately long finish. We agree - this drink is great for the special man in your life for a special occasion. Lucid bottles are available for $34.99. Check out their website for more information!

Paper Chef's Line of Cooking Papers
Whether your dad is a griller, baker, or just a regular cook, Paper Chef has something to offer. Their line of non-stick parchment papers, grill papers, and even muffin cups will help you cook better, and will leave less of a mess on your pans. What dad doesn't want that? We personally made some great potatoes on the grill with the help of Paper Chef's papers, and we're officially hooked! Check out the whole selection at their site, and let us know what you think!

Spoil dad this Father's Day with everything he needs to make a great cocktail. One essential ingredient for the gift basket is this vodka, which is packaged in a stylish bottle and will make every dad feel like a king. Check out the great cocktail recipe, buy all the ingredients for dad, and watch him in his element playing bartender!

EFFEN® Dad’s Delight
(created by David Nepove - National President, U.S. Bartender’s Guild)
1 ½ parts EFFEN® Vodka
1 part Lime Juice
¾ parts Agave Nectar

3 one-inch chunks of Fresh Pineapple
5 Mint Leaves

Method: Muddle pineapple and lime juice, add to a cocktail shaker with remaining ingredients over ice and shake.  Pour into a bucket glass.

Braun CruZer Face Razor
Whatever beard style he wants, this razor definitely delivers. It's great for everyday maintenance, and also can deliver on more difficult styling tasks. Any dad would love this gift, as it simplifies an everyday routine for most men! Click the link above to shop the whole Braun line. We know your dad will be happy with such a practical gift. - Personalized Gifts offers a plethora of gifts for Dad, each of which can be customized in unlimited colors, designs, and photos for each father’s liking.  We got to test out the leather, monogrammed iPad case and a personalized apron for the cooking dad, and we have to say, these gifts are almost too tough to give away! Be sure to order an extra for yourself.  The iPad case is great for the working or commuting dad, while the apron is great for cooking or even messy chores around the house. We promise that dad will love either gift!

StormCruiser iPhone4 Case
If your guy is cooking or doing anything outdoors, he's got to protect his phone! Save him from destroying his phone by giving him the Storm Cruiser, the ultimate tough phone case.

Vivitar Power Duo
This is a great gift for the dad who is always in the kitchen! The iPad and iPhone dock will charge your devices, while handily setting them up for viewing recipes or watching videos! Have a hands on chef dad who likes to read recipes off his technological devices? This gift is perfect!

Adult Limeade
According to the brand (and we agree!), Adult Limeade is not your average margarita – it’s better. It is the only pour-and-serve cocktail in its category to feature 100% blue agave reposado tequila, among the finest tequilas on the market and is an easy and versatile option that can be enjoyed on its own over ice as a new approach to the traditional margarita, or blended with other spirits and mixers to create custom favorites for backyard barbecues, summer get-togethers, and much more.
The personalization mall is a one stop shop for Father's Day gifts -- and among the thousands of possibilities, we have two standouts that we know Dad will love. A set of custom grill tools with Dad's first or last name is a great way to show him that you care, and that you appreciate all that tasty grilling he does throughout the year! Another one of our favorite gifts was the personalized folding chair that can be used for anything from grilling to picnicing, to even fishing! It has a handy side pouch for all of Dad's gadgets. We recommend the Personalization Mall for even the hardest to shop for Dads!

SKIL Lithium Ion Power Cutter
The Lithium Ion Power Cutter cuts through hundreds of materials up to ¼ in. thick, including carpet, leather, paper, cardboard, landscape fabrics or plastic tarps. Ideal to have handy no matter the season, it’s just what Dad needs to finish his outdoor & indoor DIY projects! This gift is great for active dads, and can even be used in the kitchen on tough packaging. Outdoor chores will become even more of a breeze.

The Golden Touch Olive Oil a Life in Recipes and Prose Cookbook
Henri Lorenzi’s new book, The Golden Touch Olive Oil a Life in Recipes and Prose. According to Lorenzi, olive oil is not just something we use every day but something that can improve our every day lives. This cookbook and assortment of stories will be a great read and resource for any dad! Order it here!

Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus
The Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus is the perfect iPad accessory. Dad can easily read recipes and scroll or click around the page without splattering ingredients on his touch screen. Additionally, the iPad doesn't come with a stylus when you buy it, so this tool is great for dad to use any other time he's looking to write with precision! We know any dad will love this just as much as we did.

Char Crust® Seasoning Kits
Dad will love using Char Crust® dry-rub seasonings on the grill this summer. Char Crust® consists of premium herb blends, spices and other natural ingredients that, when simply rubbed onto the surface of uncooked meat or fish, or sprinkled over raw vegetables, forms a beautiful crust that “Seals In The Juices®” for restaurant quality BBQ. We loved using it on chicken and beef dinners in our office, but the possibilities are seriously endless! And even if your dad loves making his own rubs, we know that these mixtures will serve as a great base for experimenting.

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