Recipes to Use the Brands You Love

Recipes to Use the Brands You Love

Sometimes, a substitute just won't do! Keep reading to see our collection of recipes that use some of your favorite brand name food supplies, from Campbell's® to Cool Whip®, dinner to dessert, we've got you covered!

8 Velveeta® Classics: Who didn't have Velveeta® cheese as a kid? Moms love to use it because it's so easy and so creamy. Here are 8 standout dishes that celebrate the cheese that is the one, the only: Velveeta®!

20 Outstanding Oreo® Desserts: Here are 20 outstanding Oreo® desserts that are perfect for any occasion from a birthday to a holiday to just a regular night at home. Keep reading to see the full list of sweets devoted to our favorite sandwich cookie!

7 Cool Coca Cola® Recipes: Believe it or not, cola makes an excellent marinade and dessert component! It has a interesting flavor profile that really pops (and fizzes!) when you combine it with these recipes, whether they are chicken, kielbasa or even brownies! Each is delicious and very unique. Your family will adore these special recipes!

10 Jello® Recipes for Dessert: Jello® is such a simple and inexpensive food, and yet it's a staple at many family dinners and holiday meals! Why? Because jello® recipes taste good and brings back memories of childhood. No matter what your favorite jello flavor is, we've got the perfect dessert options for you!

15 Fun, Fruity Jello® Salads: Around the holidays, it’s hard to find an easy dessert that will please the whole family. Should you bake a pie, make some cookies, or try something else? These Jello® salads are a great alternative to the usual holiday desserts. They’re fun, easy to make, and both kids and adults enjoy them!

4 Savory Soups by Swanson®: Tasty soups are always easy to make when you use Swanson broth! Savor the flavors of fall with roasted sweet potato soup and enjoy three other soups from around the world! Swanso®n broth will add fabulous flavor to each and every one.

22 Campbell's® Casserole Recipes: Stretch your Campbell's® canned soups into a full meal with these tasty casserole recipes straight from Campbell's®!

20 Campbell's® Soup Recipes:  Campbell's® soups are not just great for a quick soup, they're great in recipes too! Add a can of Campbell's® cream of mushroom to your next casserole or try Campbell's® tomato soup in your next batch. 

12 Simple Spring Meals from Campbell's® Kitchen: Spring has sprung and it's Campbell's® recipes to the rescue! This means spending more time in the beautiful outdoors and less time inside slaving away in the hot kitchen.

14 New Campbell's® Chicken Dinner Recipes: What better than a meal founded on two staple ingredients: Campbell's® soup and chicken! With these wonderfully satisfying dinner recipes, your entire family can sit down and enjoy a meal together.

15 Cozy Campbell's® Casserole Recipes: Gone is the warm weather, but on the up side it's casserole season! And who makes a better casserole than Campbell's®?

16 Splendid Holiday Side Dishes Featuring Campbell's®: Campbell's® soups and mixes are great additions to many holiday recipes. Keep reading for a list of side dishes that are great for holiday parties, and will be the hit of the meal!

15 Recipes using Bisquick: Bisquick is a versatile ingredient from which you can make many different recipes , from baked breads and pastries to desserts and dinner entrees. Keep reading to see our favorite ways to incorporate Bisquick into a great meal.

5 Quick and Easy Crescent Roll Recipes: Pizzas, sandwiches and hot dogs-you can serve just about anything on a crescent roll. Try one of these recipes when you need a quick dinner.

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