Rip and Dip: Our Favorite Dips and Dippers

Rip and Dip: Our Favorite Dips and Dippers

I love dips, and I love the instruments used to dip just as much. Chips, breads, even vegetables. Do they have a collective name? Who knows, I’ll call them dippers. I usually wind up making either the dip or the dipper and store-buying the other, but sometimes it’s nice to make both for a special occasion. Here are three delicious dip recipes and three dippers to go along with them!

Pita Bread- Pita, if you don’t know what it is, I’m sorry that you haven’t experienced it yet. This is great flatbread for hummus, and it’s also great to stuff with things like falafel or gyros for a sandwich. Here’s a super simple recipe. Toast it after baking to go along with the dip!

Our Favorite Crab Dip- This is a new recipe I came up with that I really think hits a home run. It has a hint of citrus, which really lightens things up, and uses just a little bit of Greek yogurt, which doesn’t feel as heavy as sour cream or mayonnaise. This goes great with the toasted pita bread above!

Bisquick Tortillas- I have to say that being half Hispanic myself, I winced a little bit when I saw the title of this. That is, until I tried it. You’d never think Bisquick would make a killer tortilla, but it does! It takes a little bit of work, but once you’ve had a homemade tortilla I don’t think you’ll go to the store version ever again!

Chunky Salsa- Fun fact: jarred salsas on the shelves of grocery stores taste so different because the companies are required to cook the veggies in them before sending them off to the stores. I personally can’t stand that taste; I like a fresh salsa. Here’s a winning recipe for a fresh and spicy salsa. 

Corn Tortilla Chips- This is actually one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever seen on our site. You need some tortillas, oil, and some sea salt. Personally, I like to add some squeezed lime juice over the chips just after they come out of the fryer (hint: use the Bisquick tortillas above and fry them).

On the Border’s Guacamole- It’s like the saying goes, “You can’t make authentic guacamole with lima beans and Ritz crackers.” So, make sure to buy fresh produce. Tip: If you want to make this recipe even easier, put everything into a large zip-top bag and mash it in there. When you’re ready to serve just snip the corner off and squeeze into a bowl. No mess! 


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