Rock 'n Roll: 7 Jammin' Roll Recipes

Rock 'n Roll: 7 Jammin' Roll Recipes

Bring out the jam and apply as needed: these 7 roll recipes are perfect for breakfast, as a side dish or even as a cinnamon dessert!

Ricotta Rolls: You can serve some and freeze some so that when company drops by, you have a delicious dessert to serve. They thaw out in about 20 minutes. Wrap individually to freeze.

Angel Rolls:
This is a sweet-tasting bread made from yeast dough that needs no rising.

Cinnamon Rolls:
Rival the best coffee shop with this cinnamon wonder and homemade cream cheese frosting.

Lion House Dinner Rolls:
For delicious, fluffy dinner rolls, brush these with melted butter while hot.

Small Nut Rolls:
My mom and grandmother would make these wonderful nut rolls at every holiday. When these are being made they bring back so many warm memories of my childhood. Make some of these and start making wonderful memories for your family to pass down to the new generation.

Almond Lace Rolls
This simple rolls are quite elegant for a party or to spoil your family.

Rum Rolls: Any time at all, these are delicious!

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