Root Veggies Galore! Our 11 Favorite Winter Vegetable Recipes

Root Veggies Galore! Our 11 Favorite Winter Vegetable Recipes

Those cold fall and winter months are all about root vegetables! Carrots, parsnips, beets, radishes, turnips, and sweet potatoes are plentiful, so make the most of them this season. Try throwing together a steamy stew, a tasty casserole, or a sweet dessert- you can’t go wrong with yummy recipes like these!

Root Vegetable Soup: Try some different tastes from the garden with this healthful soup.

Carrot Parsnip Puree: This colorful puree makes a thick soup with interesting spices like thyme, allspice and brown sugar.

Sweet Potato and Pecan Casserole: A perfect casserole to serve at any family gathering. Just mix sweet potatoes with the crunchiness of pecans.

Baby Beets in Sour Cream: Traditionally used in Russian cuisine, beets are an excellent source of vitamins C and A as well as fiber and antioxidants. Naturally sweet, beets are a great way to get kids their nutrients.

Roasted Root Vegetable Medley
: This makes the perfect festive side dish for your Christmas or New Year’s dinner table!

Potato and Parsnip Casserole: Parsnips add texture to this creamy potato dish.

Mashed Turnips with Roasted Garlic
: If you love the strong taste of roasted garlic then this is a must try.

Feta Radish Spread: This unconventional dip will delight the eye as well as the taste buds.

Winter Vegetable Stew: Parsnips are root vegetables that look like a creamy white carrot but have a slightly sweet flavor. If you don't like parsnips, you can substitute carrots.

Carrot Pudding: If you like carrot cake but dread the carbs, try this vitamin-filled dessert that will satisfy your craving. Also try it with Splenda for a sugar-free dessert.

Papa’s Favorite Turnip Soup: This soup is sure to warm you on a crisp autumn day. It is filled with hearty autumn vegetables and Italian sausage.

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