Sangria Recipes, Hints & Videos

Sangria Recipes, Hints & Videos

Sangria is a drink from Spain and Portugal that is typically made with red wine, fruit and honey, sugar or orange juice and a carbonated mixer. The word "sangria" means bloody in both languages and refers to the dark red color of the drink. White wine can be used in some sangrias at which time it is called "Sangria Blanca". In either case, the base of the drink is wine to which other ingredients are added.

In the US we associate this sweetened drink with Cinco De Mayo and Mexican cuisine. It is also popular at summer cookouts and parties as it has a refreshing and fruity taste. But no matter when or how you drink it, sangria has a unique flavor depending on the wine, fruits and sweeteners you choose.

Sangria Recipes


Who says you have to wait until the 5th of May just to serve sangria? Break this out at your next gathering for a big hit!


1 large bottle red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon)

1 Tbs. sugar

1 oz. Brandy

1 orange, wheeled

1 lime, wheeled

1 large apple with peel, thinly sliced with peel

1 small bunch of red or green seedless grapes

1 qt. club soda or 7 Up


Let first 6 ingredients sit in a large container at room temperature for 2 hours, then refrigerate overnight. Before serving, stir in club soda or 7-Up and pour over ice. Garnish with some of the fruit.

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