Say Yes to Yams! 8 Yummy Side Dishes

Say Yes to Yams! 8 Yummy Side Dishes

A holiday favorite, a delectable side dish and perfect seasonal item: yams! Enjoy these 8 ways, whether it's with cranberries or pecans. These dishes will bring out the flavors of your main dish and also shine on their own!

Pecan Praline Twice Baked Yams: This recipe has a very light sweet flavor and goes perfect with any Thanksgiving Dinner. Guaranteed to be winner with any meal!

Yams with Cranberries and Apples: Try this sweet potato dish sweetened with orange juice and maple syrup at your holiday feast.

Holiday Yams:
This has been a favorite of my family and friends for over 55 years. It makes a very attractive dish!

Best Candied Yams Every Time: Friends and family line up for this dish!

Yummy African Squash and Yams: A little taste of African cuisine is provided with this lovely dish.

Baked Yams with Ginger-Molasses Butter: A holiday pleaser for all who love quality ingredients.
Forgotten Yams:
Try this simple preparation and you won't forget these yams!

Yams and Apples: This is a terrific new spin on a yam side dish. Delectable!

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