School Lunches Don't Have To Be Boring

School Lunches Don't Have To Be Boring

School is starting and lunch boxes are flying off the shelves! How about trying some new items in your kids' lunch this year? Try a few of these quick and easy lunches to save you some bread (literally).

If your kids are anything like mine, maybe they want a bit more jazzing up when it comes to lunches! Remember, it doesn't have to fit into a ziploc bag! There are tons of cute thermoses and plastic containers out there and a lot of them include utensils! I try and fix my kids' lunches the night before and I always pick items that they'll eat, even if they get a bit cold. (Although check with your kids' school! A lot of them have microwaves that they will allow teachers to use and reheat your kid's lunch.)

Macaroni Hot Dog Casserole is a perfect kid lunch! It's easy to fix and not bad health-wise! My kids are both macaroni and hot dog fanatics, so I know this is a meal that they'll actually eat and enjoy at school. It's also great because I know it will remind them both of home! Definitely a comfort food.

Pizza Puffs are probably my favorite thing to make for my kids' lunches because I love them just as much as they do! Again, these are fabulous cold and I sometimes add a little jar of extra marinara sauce or ranch for them to dip the pizza puffs into! They always come home telling me that their friends were begging them for a pizza puff! (Remember the days of trading in a stale cheese sandwich for someone's pudding cup?)

Simple Tuna Salad is another one of those "Make a big batch and divide" meals! Our whole family eats this and I always put the extra aside for school lunches. My kids eat this right out of the bowl, but I usually throw in some Club or Ritz crackers along with a big dill pickle. I've never had to scrape out the tupperware bowl when they bring their lunchboxes home! I'm fairly certain they lick the whole thing clean!

Delicious BBQ Meatballs are definitely my kids' choice for lunch! These are baked and then thrown in a slow cooker with the sauce, so they are fall-apart, delicious meatballs. I give them a big helping of these in a thermos to stay warm, but add in a piece of fruit and a cookie to their lunchbox! My husband even requests these for his lunches and I've been known to scarf down my fair share!

Remember, making your kids' school lunches doesn't have to be a chore! You don't have to go out of your way to create perfectly shaped star sandwiches or homemade granola bars either. Find something they like, make sure it's easy and quick for you, and make big batches of it before the week begins or serve it for dinner one night and give them the leftovers! Your kids will have a great day at school with their bellies full and the taste of home right there with them all day!

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