Shots! (x6): Desserts in a Shot Glass

Shots! (x6): Desserts in a Shot Glass

Recently, I dined at a restaurant that served their desserts in a tall shot glass. It was fantastic for a number of reasons. First, it allowed me to taste the pastry chef’s creations. Second, it didn’t serve me so much of the pastry chef’s creations that I needed to unbutton my pants. Third, it made me order another to try one of the other flavors. This is an awesome concept that lets you impress your guests and finally put a use to all of those shot glasses you bought on vacation.

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For these recipes, just either break them up or spoon them into the shot glasses. Make a few at your next party and have your guests sample them all! 

Easy Berry Cobbler:  “This is a recipe that is so easy to use and adaptable to most any fruit you like. I have been making it for over 30 years. My oldest son used to go out to the kitchen afterward and eat whatever was left. And, of course, serving it with ice cream is always great.”

Pleasant Profiteroles: These profiteroles are the perfect dessert after a meal. The light pastry is accented by the rich cream and chocolate sauce. They're great!

Berry Cheesecake Parfaits: Layers of fresh berries and creamy vanilla topped with whipped topping make a light and refreshing dessert.

Hot Pink Gelato: This gelato is delicious, and is a very bright pink color, perfect for any color-themed parties that you might be having! Plus, it's vegan, so you can serve it to all your guests!

Apple and Red Grape Cobbler: A lovely dessert that's light and resonant with fall fruit flavors. The crust is gluten-free and made with almond meal and rice flour.

Grandma Sue’s Stupendous Blackberry Jam Cake: This is my favorite recipe for Jam Cake that my Grandma has always baked for my father's birthday. It's a delicious dark cake and the brown sugar frosting that goes with it really seals the deal! Try it out on your own family, they won't be disappointed!

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