Smoothie Recipes, Tips & Videos

Smoothie Recipes, Tips & Videos

Once upon a time, smoothies were basically milkshakes with fruit tossed in. Not anymore! Today's more sophisticated smoothies are made with a variety of ingredients and for many different occasions. With Recipe4Living's variety of recipes, you can enjoy a smoothie that's custom-blended with your palate in mind.

Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Raspberry Julius Smoothie

Raspberries and strawberries combine in this creamy smoothie.


1 C. low-fat raspberry yogurt

3/4 C. low-fat milk

1 C. fresh strawberries, rinsed and hulled

1/2 C. frozen unsweetened raspberries

1/3 C. powdered milk


Combine the yogurt and low-fat milk in a blender. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

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Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

Spinach Mango Smoothie

A smoothie with green color that tastes like mango, is very delicious, and high in antioxidants.


1 C. vanilla soy milk

1/2 C. vanilla yogurt

1 C. baby spinach leaves

1 C. chopped mango

1 Tbs. almond butter

1/4 C. pomegranate juice


Place everything in a blender and mix. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Serving Size


Preparation Time

5  minutes

Cooking Time

5  minutes

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Coffee Smoothie Recipes

Mocha Smoothie

This is delicious and a great way to perk you up with a great flavor. Not recommended for children.


1 scoop chocolate Nesquick dry mix

5 oz. cold coffee

2 oz. milk

Dash cinnamon

1-1 1/2 C. ice


Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. You can use more or less ice to change the thickness of the smoothie.

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Chocolate Smoothie Recipes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Blast Smoothie

This one might stick to the roof of your mouth but it will be worth it.


1 C. milk

2 C. vanilla frozen yogurt

2 tsp. malt

1/4 C. peanut butter

1 Tbs. chocolate syrup

1-1 1/2 C. ice


Put liquid ingredients in blender first, with frozen ingredients on top. Blend. Serve immediately.

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Alcoholic Smoothie Recipes

Amaretto Smoothie

This drink is great on the rocks or straight up. 


4 (1.5 fluid oz.) jiggers amaretto liqueur

4 (1.5 fluid oz.) jiggers milk

1 C. vanilla ice cream


In a blender combine all ingredients. Blend until smooth. Pour over ice into 4 glasses.

Makes 4 servings.

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Smoothie Hints, Tips & Videos

Top 10 Smoothie Recipes

KitchenAid Multi Food Chopper

Cuisinart MM-2M Mini Mate Chopper / Grinder

Kitchen Wizard Kit

Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender

Smart Peeler

Raw Foods and Smoothies

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