Snack Recipes For A Fun Night In

Snack Recipes For A Fun Night In

Sometimes the thought of going out on the town is simply exhausting. If you're lacking the energy, the funds, or just the desire to go out, try having a fun night in! No night in is complete, however, without some monumental munchies. Girls' night? Game night? Sports night? Movie night? We've got you covered.

Movie Night
When you’re feeling lazy, a movie night is the perfect solution.  You get to kick back, relax, and watch all your favorite flicks!  Popcorn is always a must when you’re watching a movie, but what about some other snack foods to treat your inner movie star?  Here are our favorites!

Triple Addiction Popcorn Treat

Sugar Coated Pecans

Ranch Crackers

White Chocolate Snack Mix

Game Night

It’s always fun to stay in with your family or invite over some friends for a board game or two!  Sometimes, a bit of friendly competition can really energize you, but you’ll need some snacks to help out, too.  Since you’ll be touching game pieces and cards, it's best to make snacks that won’t leave your hands too sticky or messy.  Instead, try out some of these munchies that you can put out in bowls.  Make sure to leave out some napkins, though- just in case!

Homemade Crackers

Trail Mix

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Cajun Pretzels

Sports Night
When the big game is on TV, it’s the perfect time to lounge on the sofa with some yummy game day treats.  Cheesy, meaty, and fattening seem to be the magic words when it comes to sport-watching food, so let yourself indulge in these heart-stopping delights. 

Buffalo Wings

Beer Cheese Dip

Quick Chicken Quesadillas

Mini Mexican Burger Bites

Girl’s Night
Having a ladies night in?  Amidst all the gossip and cocktails, you’ll want to make some treats that your guests will really remember.  Go the sweet route for this night in; chocolate is a girl’s best friend!

Chocolate Chunk Scones

Kicked Up Rice Krispie Bars

Double Dipped Strawberries

Easy Oreo Truffles


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