Soothe Your Soul and Get Full: 8 Warming Recipes

Soothe Your Soul and Get Full: 8 Warming Recipes

These crisp fall days are getting colder and colder. We are breaking out our heavier coats, scarves and gloves. Well, it’s also time to make some delicious, satisfying and warming meals. Break out your crock pot and get ready to cook!


Pumpkin Stew: (Pictured) Now that we’re done carving pumpkins, it’s time to use them for a different reason. This stew uses pumpkin for a delicious autumn flavor.

Country Stew: A classic family favorite. This stew is loaded with turkey, rice and corn. The basil and garlic keep it flavorful and delicious.

Italian Stew: So much better than canned Italian stew, this recipe is fresh, delicious and full of flavor. The squash gives this stew an extra heartiness and delicious flavor.

Autumn Stew: For a quick, easy and amazing stew, check out this Autumn Stew recipe! It’s ready in under an hour and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen.


Veggie Soup: (Pictured) This soup is a classic for a cold day, or to sooth a sore throat. It has tons of vegetables, so you can feel good eating lots!

Stroganoff Soup: With less than ten ingredients, this recipe is nice and simple.

Mexican Soup:
For a soup that’s hot in temperature and spice, try this Mexican Soup. Its chilies give the soup an extra kick that will have you sweating.

Dump Soup: Loaded with beans and potatoes, this soup is super satisfying.

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