Spa In A Jar: Easy Fruit-Infused Water

Spa In A Jar: Easy Fruit-Infused Water

Cleanse your body with this easy and oh so refreshing fruit-infused water recipe. You may want to give up soda for good

While I have always been a fan of soda I know that it isn't the healthiest choice for me to make in my diet. I recently came across an article on Fit and Fab Living giving five fruit infused water recipes and I was instantly taken back to memories of my last spa trip. Spas are extremely relaxing and calming and if I had the option I would live there forever.

These fruit infused waters may not be for everyone but they are a great healthy alternative to soda and leave you feeling refreshed and not bloated. 

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My favorite recipe is: 

Half a lemon- cut into small slices

Half a lime- cut into small slices

A handful of strawberries - cut into halves

A handful of blueberries

4-5 fresh mint leaves (whole)

You put the ingredients in a mason jar, add water and refridgerate for 8 hours.  I recommend getting a larger container or using smaller portions of fruit and herbs because you end up with a small amount of water after everything is added.

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