Spice Things Up With A Summer Potluck Party

Spice Things Up With A Summer Potluck Party

Invite new friends and old to your very own splendid summer potluck, complete with the freshest fruit and veggies and terrific American sandwiches. Experiment with new ingredient combos for this party and urge your guests to do the same.

If the weather is nice enough, hold the party outside, just make sure to keep the bugs away from all the delicious food that your guests will be bringing!

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Of course you’d expect normal salads here, but these appetizers have a little more pizazz!

Wonton Bruschetta
Shrimp and Sweet Potato Mini Kabobs
Macaroni Salad with Vegetable Confetti
Rice Noodles with Herbs
Easy Crockpot Meatballs

Main Courses
Finger food sandwiches and wraps will be the easiest thing for your guests to bring!

Roast Beef and Red Pepper Sandwiches

Crunchy Coleslaw and Turkey Sandwich
Asparagus Wrap
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich
Turkey and Tomato Wrap

Side Dishes

Baked Tomatoes
Cabbage, Apple, and Raisin Slaw
Easy Guacamole
Tropical Zest Fruit Salad
Tuscan Green Bean Salad

Quick and easy cookies are your best bet! That way everyone can keep moving and won’t have to worry about dropping a massive slice of cake!

Eggless Banana Refrigerator Cookies

Haupia (Coconut) Bars
Butterscotch Crunchies
Blueberry Cookies
Yummy Peanut Butter Cookies

These drinks only require one thing. They need to be extra cold to cool off the potluckers!

Black Cherry Iced Tea
Vodka Strawberry Sensation
Nutty Chocolate-Banana Smoothie
Delicious Fruit Drink
Sweet 'N Tangy Raspberry Vodka

Presentation Pointers:

  1. If you are the host or hostess, make sure you have serving platters and utensils ready for when your guests arrive. Most likely not all of your guests will be prepared with everything they need to serve their food, so you're better off taking care of that earlier rather than later.
  2. Stick to casual dress. Nobody wants to wear heavy clothing or high heels at a summer potluck. Humid and hot weather will only makes your guests sticky and uncomfortable, especially if you have a fancier attire rule. Tell your guests to dress as light as possible, and to go for comfy sandals. 
  3. Summer party equals hot weather, so don’t underestimate how quickly the ice will go at this potluck. No matter if your party is outdoors or indoors, ice goes fast so make sure to make enough ice in advance or buy a few bags from a local grocery store.

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