Spring is in The Air and it is Time for a Picnic

Spring is in The Air and it is Time for a Picnic

When the grass turns green, the flowers start to bloom and the sun's heat returns after a long, dark and cold winter, it is time to come out of our homes.

Spring is such a fantastic season. Not only do the flowers bloom and the grass turns bright green but the weather is simply gorgeous, not too hot and never too cold. This is when we all come out of our hibernation and start planning outdoor activities. This is the perfect excuse to get some friends together on a sunny afternoon and have a picnic.

Before you gather all your friends together, there are a few things we need to go over so you will be well prepared for this fun and joyous day. Here is a list to help you start planning the best spring picnic.

-  Date: Obviously you are going to want to pick a day when all your guests can come and join in on the fun. Also make sure to check ahead on the weather forecast. I wouldn't try and check too far in advance, the meteorologists can try to predict the weather, but there's never a 100% guarantee. Just keep your eyes open for any changes.

-  Time: You want to schedule the picnic around having enough daylight for food and activities. If you have it on a Saturday you can pick whatever time you want for the picnic to start. A lot of people don't have to wake up early on Sunday for work so none of your guests will feel pressed for time. However, if you decide to have the picnic on Sunday I suggest thinking about having your guests meet you around 11ish, that way you will have the whole afternoon to eat and enjoy the activities outside.

-  Location: Nothing beats a great picnic in a  big fantastic park. Usually parks have a special shaded picnic area for the public. If you have a park in mind, go check it out before you start telling your friends to go there. Also try and find a park with a lot of grass area so once everyone is done eating you can play some fun outdoor activities. If there will be children coming along, having a big playground would be key.

-  Invitations: A simple phone call would work for this type of party but if you decide to send out invitations check out some of these links below. Don't go out and buy invitations when you can just spend a few minutes on the computer and pick out some free printable cards to send out.

American Greetings.com


Evite MyCardMaker.com NetFunCards.com

-  More than just the picnic basket

Though food is what's important at a picnic, you can also plan on bringing games and planning activities as well to keep your guests happy and having fun on this gorgeous spring day. Here are a few items you should think about packing and bringing with you to the park:

ImageDeck of cards and poker chips


Whiffle ball and bat along with some plastic baseball plates


Bocce Ball Set

You should also have a list made ahead of time with what supplies you need so you forget anything. You don't want to get to the picnic site and realize your forgot something. Here is a starter list for you:

Sun Screen

Garbage Bags

Plastic Utensils (bring extra) and paper or plastic plates

Paper Napkins

Paper Towels

Corkscrew (if drinking wine)

Bottle Opener (for the beer drinkers)

Insect Repellent

Hand Sanitizer

Cooler for beverages and food


Now for the important part, the food. Since most parks don't supply you will a grill, assume you don't have one for this day. And considering you will be having a pretty decent amount of people coming, you will want to be able to socialize rather than cook all day. The easiest thing you can do is buy an assortment of deli meats along with French bread rolls and lots of condiments. Not only is this easy to pack but gives you more time to prepare and make some of the side dishes.

Side dishes:


Spinach Dip Fruit Dip 7-Layer Ranch Dip

Vegetable Dip

Layered Mexicali Dip

Leaf Salads:

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Vinaigrette Summer Slaw Salad Spring Salad

Caesar Salad

Fruit Dishes:

Heavenly 24-Hour Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad

Sunny Summer Salad

Potato Salads:

French Potato Salad Tropical Sweet Potato Salad

American Classic Potato Salad

Red and White Potato Salad

Pasta Salads:

Pasta Salad and Fruit Salad Ranch Pasta Salad

Italian Pasta Salad

When it comes to beverages, what you need to decide first off is whether you are supplying all the beverages or if you are asking your guests to bring something.

Once this is decided, make sure there is enough pop (diet and regular), water, beer and wine to go around. If you are supplying the wine, you should check out this new boxed wine made by Three Thieves. Instead of lugging around bottles of wine and worrying about them breaking, this new boxed wine is awesome and it tastes fresh and fantastic.

Most importantly, right before you get to the picnic site, go to a nearby gas station and stock up on plenty of ice to keep all your beverages and food (if needed to be refrigerated) cold.

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