Successful Professional Football Championship Game Party Tips From QVC

QVC's David Venable is again coming to the rescue with their life-saving tips and insight for how you can have the ultimate p

That's right! The actual name of the game is trademarked, so we can't say it! But QVC's David Venable is again coming to the rescue with some life-saving tips and insight for how you can have the ultimate pigskin party!


The professional football championship game coming up just isn’t the professional football championship game without all that food. Dips, wings, sandwiches, beer…you name it, your guests want it. In fact, the USDA says aside from Thanksgiving, there’s no other day of the year when Americans consume more food.

Now, don’t panic, fearless host. You don’t need to make umpteen dishes. And, you needn’t buy out the grocery store. Set your sights on a few key recipes and prepare them ahead of time. Buy what is too costly or time-consuming to make at home. Throwing a party for the professional football championship game can be just as much fun as watching the game itself…you’ll see!

Men like chips. And pretzels. And beer. Plus, I’ve never seen a guy turn down pigs-in-a-blanket. Football goes hand-in-hand with these traditional snacks and you’ll have a wildly happy crowd if you offer the classics. But, there’s always room for something new. Especially if it’s a spin on a classic like my Buffalo Chicken Dip, which takes just 35 minutes to make. It’s spicy, creamy, and addictive. Plus, there’s no mess and no expensive wing platter needed!

Most women will indulge in a few classics, but may prefer lighter options. Offer crackers and veggies with that Buffalo Chicken Dip. You might also consider serving soup. My Chicken and Quinoa Soup on is flavorful and hearty, but incredibly healthy. Total cook time: 30 minutes. Keep it snack-sized by serving it in disposable cups or mugs.

So what should you buy? Get the chips and munchies and stock up on disposable cups, napkins, and plates. A splurge that makes sense is a meat and cheese platter for sandwiches and perhaps a veggie platter. Leave beer and alcoholic drinks for your guests to bring and make your own iced tea or lemonade. You’ll save a lot of money this way, and your guests will buy exactly what they like. 

When it comes to dessert, you can’t go wrong with brownies. They require minimal ingredients and can be cut into any size. I have a few brownie recipes on including my Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies, which, again, bake in 30 minutes. Touchdown! 


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