Summer Copycat Favorites: 9 Recipes

Summer Copycat Favorites: 9 Recipes

You don't have to spend the big dollars at a restaurant for their special dishes and recipes: we have them right here!

1) As a Starbucks barista, I can vouch for this recipe for our most popular drink, the chai tea latte. For this hot and humid summer, chill it and throw it over ice.

2) French fries are a great grab 'n go summer snack, and these are just like Steak 'n Shake.

3) It's not a summer listicle without some BBQ. Get your baby back with this Famous Dave's copycat recipe.

4) You can easily make this light, fresh, Panera-inspired Mediterranean sandwich at home.

5) You may battle between Panda Express and more traditional chinese establishments, but no more! Now you have your very own crispy orange chicken recipe to make right at home.

6) Of course, you can't got the summer without some cool, soft-serve ice cream. Try making this, from Dairy Queen.

7) Make these fruit roll-ups at home, with your favorite flavors, to easily send off with the kids for camp, or play!

8) Noodles & Co. has a great Penna Rosa, but so do you, with this remarkable copy-cat recipe.

9) Ending, as I like to, with chocolate, I leave you with Portillo's famous Chocolate Cake.

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