Summer Sipper eCookbook

Summer Sipper eCookbook

Relaxing in the summer sunshine is a treat that everyone can enjoy, but it’s not much fun unless you have a cooling summer beverage in your hand! Download this eCookbook and get tons of recipes that are perfect for poolside sipping.

Pair these tasty summer drinks with BBQ fare or a picnic lunch.  This Summer Sipper eCookbook contains over 50 warm weather drink recipes, from smoothies and iced teas to cocktails and cooling coffees!

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Here's just a few of the many refreshing recipes you'll find in the Summer Sipper eCookbook:

Smoothie Recipes

Tropical Fruit Smoothie - The combination of fruits in this recipe is unbeatable! (Page 9)

Banana Peach Smoothie - This fruit smoothie is a perfect way to start your day, an easy afternoon snack or even a summery dessert. The abundance of fruit in this recipe packs it with healthy energy. (Page 11)
Raspberry Julius Smoothie - Raspberries and strawberries combine in this creamy smoothie.  (Page 16)
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Slushie Recipes

Adult Slushies - This is a fantastic party drink that is easy to multiply for large groups. Very fruity and fun! (Page 32)

Banana Slush - I got this out of a cook book years ago. I substitute the sugar for Splenda. It is very refreshing, especially in the hot weather we have here. I love the taste, and sure it is for a large crowd, but I just keep it in my freezer, and get a glass whenever I want. I have never added the ginger ale, just scoop it out and eat it with a spoon. I stir this often when in the freezer, so it will have a slushy consistency. Love it! (Page 33)

Mexican Slush - This alcoholic drink is easy to sip while sitting in your backyard...and pretending you're on a beach in Mexico!  (Page 35)
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Cocktail Recipes

Mango Margaritas - This unique Wolfgang Puck recipe is the perfect beverage for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta! (Page 38)

Sea Breeze - This is the perfect beach-side beverage. (Page 42)
Tequila Ta-Tas - This summer treat is fun for the whole gang. The beautiful aroma will be the talk of the party.  (Page 44)
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