Super Sangria Recipes For Your Next Party

Super Sangria Recipes For Your Next Party

Sangria is the ultimate party drink. You can mix some up, pour it into a bowl, and let people help themselves. Plus, you chopped up a fruit or two, so it’s officially healthy, provided you pretend the alcohol isn’t there. Here are some of our favorite sangria recipes perfectly suited for your next gathering!


Sangria Punch- This is a fun party punch, whether you're serving it alcoholic or not – either way it's fruity and fabulous.

Sunset Sangria- This classic Spanish recipe is a fun beverage to serve any time of year, especially during the summer as an alternative to iced tea. Pieces of fruit and cinnamon sticks bring the whole thing together.

PAMA Sangria- PAMA is a wonderfully flavorful liqueur made out of pomegranates, and here’s their version of the classic sangria!

Marvelous Sangria- Who says you have to wait until the 5th of May just to serve sangria? Break this out at your next gathering for a big hit!

Chihuahua’s Port Sangria- This is a heavily alcoholic version of the sangria with little traditional fruit flavor, but the heavy taste makes for a rich drink. If you want, you could even add some chopped fruit to make it a little bit more authentic.

Best Sangria Ever- This Sangria has been in my family's cocktail recipes book for centuries and now I want to share it with you!

Authentic Spanish Sangria- Though the sangria originated in Spain, there are many other varieties in other Latin countries. This is the real deal without the fussiness of some of the newer recipes. Given to me by a friend from Barcelona, it's the best I've ever had. I make it for all special occasions.

Berry-Filled Sangria- Sangria is a fun party drink that everyone loves. And don't forget to indulge in the quite inebriated fruit, especially as the evening progresses.


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