The 10 Best Cod Recipes

The 10 Best Cod Recipes

Cod is a tender, flaky fish that you’ll find in a variety of Italian restaurants. But it’s so much cheaper to make your own cod dish right in your own kitchen! That’s where Recipe4Living comes in. Whether you like spicy, fried fish or a fish mold, Recipe4Living has got all the best cod recipes!

Spicy Codfish - Flavored with jalapeno peppers, this codfish has a kick to it!

Cod and Mushrooms - This is a fabulous recipe! You should add it to your recipe box today.

Cod in White Wine - This is the perfect recipe for someone who has never tried cod before.

Fried Cod - This dish is super easy, and it's really cheap!

Deviled Cod Fish - A unique appetizer that combines deviled eggs and cod fish!

Cod Fish Mold - Yum, yum, yum!

Cod Filets in Tomato Sauce
- This is an elegantly flavored dish with a variety of spices and the tartness of dry wine.

Cod and Potatoes - This recipe is a family favorite! The potatoes are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Baked Cod With Onions - If you don't have any cod, you can also use red snapper, whitefish or sea bass as a substitute.

Beer Battered Cod - Serve this in a basket lined with newspaper. Add crispy french fries, cole slaw and plenty of homemade tarter sauce and you have a fish and chips dinner that will really wow your friends and family.

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