The 10 Most Luxurious Winter Recipes

Steak with mushrooms

Winter blues got you down? Treat yourself to one of these over-the-top recipes and brighten up your taste buds with a delicious meal!

Decadent Deviled Eggs- Hardboiled egg yolks are mixed with bacon, shallots, and white wine vinegar and piped back into the egg whites. Set the tone of your luxurious dinner with this appetizer!

Lobster Bisque- Cream, lobster, shallots, what more could you ask for from a luxury soup? It'll melt in your mouth it's so good. 

Fondue Royale- A decadent spin on an already luxurious dish, incorporating Champagne and canned truffles. Do yourself a favor and take melted cheese to a whole new level!

Blackened Chicken Alfredo- Besides getting great flavor of the Blackened Chicken, this kcked up version of an easy Alfredo Sauce is also included. The sauce is one of the richest we've ever tasted!

Shrimp In Champagne Sauce With Pasta- There's effort involved in this dish, but the payoff is incredible. The sauce is thick and creamy while still feeling light because of the champagne. 

A Luxury Meatloaf- The user who submitted this tossed out their old recipe for this Cadillac of meatloaves. A secret ingredient adds a creamy texture to the loaf that will have your guests guessing the whole evening. 

Mushroom-Smothered Strip Steaks- As though the piece of meat weren't good enough on its own, a buttery and salty mushroom mixture takes this dish to a whole new level of luxury.  

Bananas Foster- Who doesn't like bananas, caramel, and rum? Plus, there's fruit in there somewhere! 

Raspberry Cheesecake Shake- Oh yes we did. Cream cheese, raspberry, and graham crackers join ice cream for a party in a blender. It rhymes, it's rich, so try it!

Royal French Silk Pie- You'll feel like Parisian royalty while snacking on this variant of French Silk Pie with special ingredients in the crust and whipped cream. Be the king or queen of your next gathering!

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